Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Achieving Greatness As An Entrepreneur

  04/13/2018  09:00 am PDT

What does achieving greatness mean? How do we even measure it and does every entrepreneur face the same struggles to get there?

Is a TRANSFORMATION necessary in your life to achieve greatness? How will you get there?

Today we share our time with Nader Eid, an entrepreneur who did just that… transform!

He certainly hasn’t completed his transformation but he shares some of the key steps that were involved on his success journey that were necessary. From being in the most vulnerable state and asking for help to learning how to navigate through trial and error. We dive deep and talk about how one finds the space to trust, and the value of having a mentor. Most importantly we highlight the critical action step of showing up and Nader shares how doing just that changed, transformed, his life and can do the same for you.

Natter Eid, an entrepreneur, with quite a story! Everything from finances to fitness to freedom of speech!

I got to meet Nader because he’s an emcee, how cool is that (MoMondays Oshawa) getting to introduce speakers and host events and ceremonies? Imagine the people he gets to meet!

Well he’s here with us today to truly HELP.

With his story… his life experience… his trials and errors, his motivation and drive to continue… and his passion for helping others.



Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

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