Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Loving ALL Parts Of Yourself

  09/29/2017  09:00 am PDT

When is the last time you tried loving all the parts of yourself? Even the parts that you thought were unlovable. You know the parts you wish didn’t exist, that aren’t socially accepted, that you believe are different, that you feel ashamed of, or that you wish were more like someone else’s?

Did you know that you can access the forgiveness, the acceptance, and the connection to love all your parts?

Are you ready for some body work? Are you ready to welcome all of you to be a part of this life?

If you KNOW it’s time to heal and are looking for a guided path to get you there with loving support then join us as Lloyd Burnett shares his intuitive and compassionate gifts.

Lloy Burnett is a life coach, spiritual teacher, and writer. He supports healing professionals in getting their gifts out into the world and accessing their inherent right to abundance.

Lloyd offers free trainings on how to harness the power of fear and limiting beliefs so that you can effortlessly manifest financial security, deep love and success.


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

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