Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: The Better Way Formula - Principles for Success with Robert J. Moore

  03/02/2018  09:00 am PST

Need A Lift? Let us pick you up. Get ready to experience true transformation into living life a better way! There’s noooo way that after hearing today’s show you won’t want to simply fly!!! This story is sooo inspiring , soo uplifting, soo powerful and yet its soo personal. Everyone will find a way to relate and watch out for those heart strings because today’s show is a puller! My guest, Robert J. Moore, is an author, a Therapist, an International Speaker and a Life Coach that has impacted the lives of many through the work associated with his International Award Winning Best-Selling book, “From Rock Bottom to Success” & “The Better Way Formula – Principles for Success”. This success story has impacted the lives of over 30,000 people through an emotional tale that has provided insights on how to determine one’s worth, and create a life worthy of joy and success. Robert’s been interviewed by magazines from around the world, national TV programs, radio shows, and has also been invited to speak on world class stages in locations such as Florida, Arizona, London England, and all across Canada. But not so long ago, Robert was totally destitute. Homeless and alone, he had alienated his friends and family with his delinquent behaviours and had nowhere to turn. He thought his journey was over, and his path was at a dead end until a miracle happened…Robert has done what historically very few people have been able to do; come back from a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and a life with no purpose, no education, and no hope. Since 2005, Robert has completed educational programs ranging from Social Service Worker, Addictions Diplomas, and a Bachelor and Masters in Psychology. Today Robert is living abundantly with proud accomplishments and educational credentials that have left others in similar past situations, utterly inspired and determined to work with him. Roberts latest Transformation Coaching program, “The Better Way”, focuses on helping individuals with creating opportunities for themselves to develop empowering behaviors, and ultimately, shape their lives towards better outcomes. Robert is proof, that there is in fact, a Better Way.


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

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