Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: The Blind Spot In The Bathroom Mirror

  03/23/2018  09:00 am PST

To be witnessed, observed and seen. 

Being in the spotlight can actually be terrifying for some while for others, they crave and need it. 

What about us makes us comfortable to be seen, and how much does self worth and judgement play a role? 

To be witnessed feels more like an honour, perhaps even a soul request for partnership and support. Are you someone who feels drawn to be witnessed ? If so, can this be a role taken too far and become one of dependency? 

Is it ok to just want to be in ‘the shadows’ ? What times in your life do you feel this way ? Perhaps whilst you’re learning , growing, or even simply recovering and repairing? 

Today I share a story of the most important witness in my life. My hopes is that this episode will help you to identify when it’s safe for you to be observed, witness, or seen and how that will support your spiritual growth and soul evolution.


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

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