Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: The More Becomes Less

  10/20/2017  09:00 am PDT

Beauty, calm, peace, and help is here as we share the time with Korrine Holt, an artist, a poet and a spiritual teacher teaching us how to let love lead. Merging her experiences as a professional artist, healer, writer, and coach, Korrine’s refined intuition makes her a strong ally with the call of one’s Soul. This translates to helping people gain clarity with the things that matter most along their journeys. Korrine has created “Poetry with Benefits,” high-vibe-mini-films that are a unique blend of conscious verses, visuals, and music that set the tone for deep meditation. This positive media invites viewers to experience the healing power of Love through beauty, color, harmony, and Pure Presence . They are offered as a bridge—a gateway into one’s heart, where healing, rejuvenation, and inspiration support one’s deepest desires to be lived. Join us as we connect with Korrine and awaken to L.O.V.E…. Limitless Organizing Vital Essence.


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

Light On Living Abroad with Lisa, Will & Dean: Living, Investing, Retiring Made Easy - Every Monday at 2pm pacific/ 5pm eastern. A spin off of her "Light on Living" ra...

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