Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Your Book Is Done, Now What??

  03/24/2017  09:00 am PDT

Your Book Is Done...Now What???

Just as we humans go through life and have personal journeys so to does your book. You've translated your story, your wisdom, your teachings into words so that they can be shared with the world. Do you know what the next step is? Who can help? What does the journey look like? On today's show we shine the spotlight on the road your book travels and give you a knowledge base license to drive it. 

-A sneak peak at the journey a book goes on once written 
-Learn what telltale signs show that your book could be a movie
-Feel what meaning books have in people lives 
-Learn how far books have come, their history 
-Be reminded of How books can become Best friends  
-Discuss the difference between having an on line book versus a hard copy book for both the reader and the author  


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

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 Michael B. Davie

Michael B. Davie

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