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Limited to Liberated with Nicole Isler: Depression Myths To Stop Believing

  01/09/2019  03:00 pm PDT

Depression is talked about like it's a 'thing' you can get, a scary thing that some people have - and yet emotions and thoughts are non-physical.

Those thoughts and feelings start within, they are felt within. We experience and perceive emotionally and thoughtfully, and we are susceptible to not only our own emotions and thoughts, but the expectations, thoughts, and desires of those around us.

So depression is not any one thing, but it is very personal, emotions influenced by perceptions and beliefs about life.

This episode examines the myths around depression. What you must stop believing if you've experienced this labeled condition known as depression to heal and move forward happier and healthier.

**Note this podcast is not intended as medical advice.

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Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

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