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Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Dream AWAKE: Discovering your True Potential, with Mark "Dr Dream" Peebler

  03/02/2016  02:00 pm PDT

Join Dr. Kelly this week and one of her inspirational mentors, Mark "Dr Dream" Peebler, as we explore what it means to step into your truth and discover your true potential. What happens when you begin to assert power in your own life? How does it affect your relationships and those around you? How can we heal and find new coping strategies that serve us in the NOW? Energetically, where do our past coping skills come from? What does it mean to 'raise your vibration' and how do you do it?

We will also discuss the planetary shifts towards unity consciousness happening on our planet, and how we are ALL a part of it. We each have an important role to play and it is up to each of us to figure out our 'mission' for the planet. Light and Love!


Dr. Kelly Neff

New Time Starts July 5th! Every First Wednesday at 10 am pt / 1pm et. Let's Get LUCID! Lucid Planet Radio will empower you to transform your lives and re-shape your wor...

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Mark Peebler

As an entrepreneur, humanitarian, holistic healing practitioner and international speaker, Mark "Dr. DREAM" Peebler, has over 20 years experience guiding, mentoring and empo...

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