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Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Life is a Transformation: Celebrating and Finding Peace within the Chaos, with Jimi Ohm

  07/21/2016  10:00 am PDT

In honor of the 50th Episode of Lucid Planet Radio, Dr. Kelly welcomes back her partner and regular guest, vibrational alchemist Jimi Ohm, to discuss transformation as a life-long process of finding peace while we move through the chaos.


Life is a transformation, and when we stop transforming, our journey is over. How do we make sense of the changes that arise as we begin to see the world differently? In this episode, Dr. Kelly and Jimi Ohm will discuss the "Saturn Return Phenomenon" that occurs at age 29, and again at 58. Where does the 'quarter-life' and 'mid-life' crisis come from? How can we move through this to create a life that resonates with our highest selves?


We will also "Transformational Festival" movement, and highlight the importance of coming together to co-create with others surrounding music, sound and art.  We ask whether it is time to rename these events, accepting that all events and cultures can be inherently 'transformational.'


Finally, we discuss 'Pre-Enlightened Arrogance' or 'Spiritual Competition' that is present across so many areas of life. If true spirituality means finding acceptance and nonjudgement, how do we make sense of some people's urges to classify themselves as 'more spiritual' or 'better than' others? What does an alternative viewpoint look like?


Dr. Kelly Neff

Dr. Kelly Neff

Every First Wednesday at 10 am pt / 1pm et. Let's Get LUCID! Lucid Planet Radio will empower you to transform your lives and re-shape your world. Tune in to learn how t...

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 Jimi Ohm

Jimi Ohm

Jimi Ohm lives his life according to Nickolai Tesla's assertion that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibratio...

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