Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Open Source Reality: The Emergence of a Meta-Myth, with Mitch Schultz

  06/17/2015  02:00 pm PDT

      Ascomplexity continues grow, the evolution of consciousness imparts newrelationships to our understanding of reality, revealing the emergence of a newhuman story. Letsexplore an open source approach to humanitys collective knowledge, and remix ournarratives to create deeply layered allegories that re-contextualize reality.How can we imagine an evolving meta-myth that influences systemic changethrough transmedia storytelling? Join renowned producer, writer and director Mitch Schulz was we discuss how this narrative evolves through art, media, technology and language, and hear him discuss upcoming film projects including the re-release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, this fall, as well as A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin and Ayahuasca & Huachuma. 


Dr. Kelly Neff

Let's Get LUCID! Lucid Planet Radio will empower you to transform your lives and re-shape your world. Tune in to learn how to navigate the global shift in consciousness and ...

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Mitch Schultz

From an early age, Mitch’s curiosity of the unknown universe forged his path in storytelling and research. Mitch works as a transmedia producer, experience designer, a...

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