Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: The Nature of Consciousness & The Origins of Life with Bruce Damer

  05/31/2017  02:00 pm PDT

Ahead of his plenary talk at the Science of Consciousness Conference on June 10th 2017, scientist Dr. Bruce Damer returns to the show this week to explore some of the most fundametanl questions about consciousness: Is consciousness a property of the universe, or did it emerge from the living world through evolution? Is a unified model of reality possible? What is the future of conscious awareness and how can human beings begin to more deeply tap into the 'field' that surrounds us? How would the existence of a multiverse affect our understandings of consciousness?


Dr. Damer will also discuss his new "Hot Spring Origin of Life" theory!




Dr. Kelly Neff

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Dr. Bruce Damer

Dr. Bruce Damer is a scientist and designer collaborating on a new model for the origin of life on Earth and in the visualization of spacecraft architectures to provide a vi...

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