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Lyme Light Radio with Host Katina Makris: Fighting Lyme in Scotland with Bruce Alexander and Musician Natalie London

  04/01/2015  01:00 pm PDT

First, Natalie London of the band Hey King! joins Katina to talk about their recent Ticked OFF Music Festival at the House of Blues in LA, and Natalie's debut memoir of her experience with Lyme disease, Lyme Light. Then, Bruce Alexander of Xeroshield joins Katina with news on the misunderstood crisis of Lyme disease in Scotland.


Katina Makris

Lyme Light Radio is on hiatus - stayed tuned for updates. Be sure to take advantage of the many archives to listen to! Lyme Light Radio is the first talk show of its kind, ...

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Natalie London

Natalie London is the writer, vox, multi-instrumentalist for the band "Hey, King!" She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and African-American studies at Columbia Un...

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Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander is a medical entomologist who set up a company called Xeroshield in Scotland to develop some of his ideas on insect control. One of the projects was related ...

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