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Lyme Light Radio with Host Katina Makris: How Food Can Reduce Inflammation with Gail and Laura Piazza

  12/11/2013  01:00 pm PDT

Working with Dr. Kenneth Singleton's understandings of inflammation in Lyme disease and chronic illness, Laura and Gail Piazza created "Recipes for Repair" - a guide to food for recovery.


Katina Makris

Lyme Light Radio is on hiatus - stayed tuned for updates. Be sure to take advantage of the many archives to listen to! Lyme Light Radio is the first talk show of its kind, ...

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Laura Piazza

Laura Piazza is an award-winning Certified Professional Photographer and graphic designer and has created thousands of design projects for many employers and clients. She is...

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Gail Piazza

Gail Piazza is a home economics consultant with a Master's degree in Food and Nutrition. For over thirty years, she has developed and tested recipes and styled food for movi...

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Barbara Scheidegger