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The Astral Insider Show with Fernando Albert - Your Portal for Adventure, Insight, and Growth: Make a few changes to amplify your astral voyaging! Some separation techniques!

  01/14/2019  09:00 am PDT

Welcome to The Astral Insider! 

The Astral Insider Show with Fernando Albert - Your Portal for Adventure, Insight, and Growth: Make a few changes to amplify your astral voyaging! Some separation techniques!Your show where it is all about getting out of your body and visiting amazing worlds.

It is time for adventure, insight, and growth. You will find all of it in every single show :) So, make sure not to miss any shows, but if you did, I welcome you to listen to the older ones too!

Make sure to tune in with the Astral Insider Monday 24th at 9:00 AM PT to delve deeper into Astral Projection. Every show is fresh and unique, and you will discover that we only get to go deeper and deeper after every show. 


After the show, you will feel more prepared to astral project, and ready to try a lot of new things that maybe you did not imagine you could do "up there."


Did you have a chance to visit the Astral Plane already?

Walk the Astral Plane

Astral Projection is incredible, and I want to bring you closer to it. Everybody can astral project, and here at The Astral Insider, where we talk all about astral projection, you will receive all the tools, tips, advice and even promotions that will get you out from your body!


Check out what we have for the show:

  • You possibly have experienced partial astral projections where you were not able to separate some parts of your body. Do not worry about it, it is part of the process the same way that astral blindness or paralysis is normal as well. We will talk about them all.
  • If your goal is to master astral projection this year, you are in luck! I will share with you a few things to add to your life that will not only make you happier but to expand in astral projection.
  • Sometimes, ejecting is key. I am going to share with you the best exit points. Great exit points that worked for thousands of people I have met. 
  • Learning the differences between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming will help you out to be more aware in both your lucid dreams and astral projection.
  • And lots of great interesting, nice stuff!!!

Remember, you can listen to previous shows if you missed one of these exciting topics.

Explore the Universe with Astral Projection

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Get your free meditation to aid your chakras for astral projection. You can claim your copy here.


See you on the Astral Plane!

Thank you!

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