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Masters Chambers with Host Connie Pheiff - Getting Better Together: Marketing Masters with Connie Pheiff, Queen of Marketing: Words are Your Business with Steve Hutson

  04/20/2015  01:00 pm PDT

From the earliest days of human civilization, our ancestors recognized an important need. They had to communicate, and they set out to find a way. Their first "language" might have been a primitive system of gestures and grunts, but in time they figured out how to give names to the things around them. They spoke, they wrote, they left behind records of their history. All of these advances became possible through the invention of a device that we now know as "words." Cave drawings and hieroglyphics yielded to alphabets; the stone tablet gave way to the scroll, the codex, and then the iPad. And here we are. Words are our business. 

According to BookScan (an A. C. Nielsen company), American consumers purchased 751,729,000 books in 2010. That's very close to an all-time high (up from just 650 million in 2005), and it bodes quite well for the future of our business. Which reminds us of a song by the Oompa-Loompas in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about the glory days before the advent of television: 

How would they keep themselves contented, before this monster was invented?Have you forgotten? Don't you know? We'll say it very loud and! They'd read and read. And then proceed to read some more. Great Scott! Gadzooks! One half of their lives was reading books! 

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Connie Pheiff

Connie Pheiff is a successful businesswoman, author, speaker, coach, and Podcast host helping women in leadership achieve excellence. She has authored over 450 articles and ...

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Steve Hutson

Steve Hutson is a storyteller almost from birth; poems, articles, business letters, advertising copy, and lame excuses. But like most writers, he kept a day job; in-between ...

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