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Masters Chambers with Host Connie Pheiff - Getting Better Together: Success Principles of Olympians, Presidents & CEOs with Marnie Swedberg

  08/17/2015  01:00 pm PDT

Did you know that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurial business start-ups fail within the first 18 months? (Bloomberg) Do you know how to talk, think, and act in order to be in the 20% who succeed in business and life? During this program you'll discover exactly how super achievers behave differently from you, how you can easily remember their five key strategies using an A-B-C-D-E acronym, and how to immediately improve your results by implementing these simple, yet profoundly impactful, strategies.

Today Connie Pheiff will interview Marnie Swedberg who will take us through the A, B, Cs, & E to assess, assign value, batch, calculate, delegate or not and evaluate our business to ensure sustainability. 


Connie Pheiff

Connie Pheiff is a successful businesswoman, author, speaker, coach, and Podcast host helping women in leadership achieve excellence. She has authored over 450 articles and ...

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Marnie Swedberg

Marnie Swedberg is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries training B.U.S.Y. -Best Unique Strategies for You. She is a syndicated radio talk show host, th...

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