My Wild Magic with Adrienne: Angelic Magic

My Wild Magic with Adrienne: Angelic Magic

  10/06/2021  02:00 pm PDT

My Wild Magic with Adrienne: Angelic Magic
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On this episode of Angelic Magic we are going to meet up with Achangel Jophiel. What I love about this angel is how they open us to see the beauty of the world when they open our crown chakra. Let's Archangel Jophiel ignite the Flame of Divine Wisdom & activate our Claircognitive intuition to receive answers to your most pressing life questions. Come hang with me and Archangel Jophiel and get woke! 
The best way to know the Angels and Tribes of Light is to befriend them! The Angels and Tribes of light are like the best version of your best friend except their ethereal of course & they don't throw attitude when you're having a moody day.
Join me as we have a cup of tea and hang out with a new angel and tribe of light each episode. Who knows, maybe you'll walk away with a new kind of friend who totally gets you thru & thru and accepts your quirkiness as charming.


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