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On Purpose with Karen Florence: Recovery Coaching with Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

  05/16/2013  07:00 am PDT

Recovery Coaching recognizes that the development and success of recovery rests as on the recognition of the human need to build, develop and live fulfilling meaningful lives over time whilst attending to solving and meeting current needs. Recovery coaching builds on the natural resources that we all have so we can decide for ourselves how to manage our own lives, cope with difficulties and develop our futures. In this way it supports us in building exciting and successful lives


Karen Florence

On Purpose with Karen Florence Transformation Talk Radio -On Purpose with Karen Florence is about what coaching is in all its forms, professional, personal and spiritual. We...

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Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, CPPC, CARC, FRSA, is a pioneer in the field of Recovery Coaching, a professional coach CTI and Recovery Coach Programme Developer and Trainer. He ha...

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Kathleen L. Johnson