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On Purpose with Karen Florence: Understanding How the Brain works with Paulette Rao

  09/19/2013  07:00 am PDT

What neuroscience tells us about how and why coaching works. Science has uncovered more about how our brains work since 1990 than in the entire history of psychology and neuroscience. Needless to say, many significant insights about brain functioning haven't made it into everyday life or corporate life, but they are very central to managing performance and leading people. Some of these discoveries provide a scientific basis for why and how we should coach high performing, strong willed people in a particular way


Karen Florence

On Purpose with Karen Florence Transformation Talk Radio -On Purpose with Karen Florence is about what coaching is in all its forms, professional, personal and spiritual. We...

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Paulette Rao

Paulette Rao is a leadership and mentor coach, trainer, and marketing expert. As principal of True North Resources, Paulette helps leaders enhance their performance and the ...

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