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Opening to Ecstasy with host Lynnet McKenzie: - A Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Power: Unreasonable, Uncensored and Unplugged with LiYana Silver

  06/10/2011  02:00 pm PDT

You know those women who just GLOW? It's like they swallowed a 250 watt light bulb and it's shining out their eyes and pores and everything they touch - their career, their relationships - seem covered in fairy dust? &8232;Hold on to your knickers, ladies, and get ready for the secrets for how you become one Get access to unreasonable &8232;amounts of confidence, get your inner guidance on speed dial and get your relationships powered by pleasure.


Lynnet McKenzie

Lynnet McKenzie is illuminating the path for those who are ready to awaken their body and soul. Lynnet is a divine channel and healer, walking the path of a mystic-with a se...

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LiYana Silver

LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert and Coach, is known for her bold, fresh advocacy for women and their partners, who want to step out of painful patterns and relationship r...

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