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Opening to Ecstasy with host Lynnet McKenzie: - Beyond the Law of Attraction: Manifesting with Resonance

  11/25/2011  02:00 pm PDT

The missing link to the Law of Attraction as it's usually taught is resonance. The results we attract in our lives are mostly controlled by our subconscious resonance or vibration, NOT by what we consciously desire, feel, visualize and believe. Listen today to learn how to identify your subconscious resonance and align it with what you consciously desire, to
manifest the new partner, money, new clients, or whatever else you are wanting in your life faster and more easily.


Lynnet McKenzie

Lynnet McKenzie is illuminating the path for those who are ready to awaken their body and soul. Lynnet is a divine channel and healer, walking the path of a mystic-with a se...

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Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro is a Thrive Your Life teacher and mentor for conscious and evolving women, who are ready to thrive in their businesses and in love. Since 1999 Ellen has been ...

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