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Opening to Ecstasy with host Lynnet McKenzie: - Discover the Gift - The Film, The Book, The Movement

  04/22/2011  02:00 pm PDT

Discover the Giftthe film, the book, the movement, explores the basic but vital reality that there are Gifts in each person and in all circumstances that are simply awaiting discovery. The degree to which we nurture, educate, and allow the miracle of our Gift to live is in direct proportion to the degree to which we will experience joy, power, fulfillment, and unconditional love. In Discover the Gift, sister and brother team Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein, along with today's leading spiritual leaders and transformational teachers, share their experiences and show how all universal spiritual laws and principles work together with integrity to form a unified field of consciousness that can change individual livesand can in turn transform our entire world.


Lynnet McKenzie

Lynnet McKenzie is illuminating the path for those who are ready to awaken their body and soul. Lynnet is a divine channel and healer, walking the path of a mystic-with a se...

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Shajen Joy Aziz

Shajen Joy Aziz has a masters degree in education from Norwich University and is completing her PhD in human development and organizational systems. Her passion is improving...

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