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Opening to Ecstasy with host Lynnet McKenzie: - Getting Through Act II: Managing Life's Transitions with Award Winning Author Amy Beth O'Brien

  06/17/2011  02:00 pm PDT

In this show, award-winning author, Amy Beth O'Brien will talk about the three Acts we tend to flow through in life, using a fun film analogy. We've all heard the expression "change is difficult" but often it isn't the actual change that's difficult. In fact, change is often desired. It's the transition from where we are now to where we want to be that's hard, whether it's a goal to lose weight, end a difficult relationship, or find more fullflling work. Amy will talk about these real-life challenges, and how we can draw inspiration from the movies to manage this process.


Lynnet McKenzie

Lynnet McKenzie is illuminating the path for those who are ready to awaken their body and soul. Lynnet is a divine channel and healer, walking the path of a mystic-with a se...

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Amy O'Brien

Amy Beth O'Brien is the founder of Star in Your Own Life Story coaching. She is passionate about helping men and women step into their starring role as a leader in business ...

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