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Out of the Fog with Karen Hager: Defining and Accessing Our Personal and Universal Destiny with Guest Jake Ducey

  09/04/2013  09:00 am PDT

Most of us spend our lives gambling on the biggest risk of all: that if we follow the proscribed path we will eventually earn enough to buy the freedom to do what we really want later in life. Yet the proscribed path can be stifling and life is over before we know it. Jake Ducey will share his personal story of finding his own way back from the unhappiness of a seemingly successful life, and encourage you to take conscious responsibility for the life you are leading.


Karen Hager

Intuitive guide Karen Hager helps people lift the fog of confusion and regain clarity about their life purpose. Gaining this clarity gives you the opportunity to create the ...

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Jake Ducey

At only 24 years old Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his genera...

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