Peaceful Wellness with Deb: Winter's Whisper Sound Healing Rest™

Peaceful Wellness with Deb: Winter's Whisper Sound Healing Rest™

  12/21/2023  04:24 am PDT

Peaceful Wellness with Deb: Winter's Whisper Sound Healing Rest™Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of winter with our 'Winter's Whispers' Sound Healing Rest™ session. This unique session combines the tranquil art of Yoga Nidra meditation with soothing sound healing to guide you through a journey reminiscent of a peaceful winter landscape. Experience the gentle contrast of warmth and coolness, and allow the harmonious blend of crystal singing bowls, deep gongs, and ambient soundscapes to lead you into a state of deep relaxation and introspection. Perfect for unwinding and finding inner peace during the winter months, this session is a haven for those seeking a calm and rejuvenating escape.


Sound Healing Rest™ is Deb's signature method for the fusion of yoga nidra with sound healing. Learn how to lead such a session in my new course Sound Healing Rest™ Teacher Training. Go to


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