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Perspective Reboot with Kristi Borst!: Multidimensional You with Guest Suzanne Lie, PhD, MFT Perspective Reboot&174; with Kristi Borst. Sue pen name Suzan Caroll and Kristi discuss the Multidimensional You, How our Expectations Guide our Perceptions and Change our Realities. Kristi worked wit

  04/22/2014  09:00 am PDT

We are moving to a consciousness beyond Black and White. Dr. Suzanne Lie is a gifted psychotherapist, author, artist, spiritual psychotherapist, and channel. She has spent decades sharing information about the various levels of our consciousness with the aim of assisting others in expanding their own awareness of SELF. "Sue's work was one of the door openers to my own mind expansion that led me back to the connection to my intuitive energy healing gift. I am thrilled to have her on Perspective Reboot&174; with Kristi" Gain a greater understanding of your Multidimensional SELF through this conversation. Additionally, we will be discussing how our expectations truly predict our perceptions. What is the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious and how would a basic understanding of these layers of perception help provide a greater understanding and awareness in many aspects of our lives. Kristi is a gifted Intuitive Energy Healer. She provided an abbreviated intuitive energy healing with Gemma who was frustrated and feeling stuck.


Kristi Borst

Tune-in every Tuesday at 9am PT12 Noon ETPerspective RebootTM with Kristi Borst provides an hour of WISDOM, HEALING and EMPOWERMENT. Kristi is a gifted Intuitive Energy Heal...

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Dr. Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie PhD, MFT is a talented psychotherapist, author, artist, spiritual psychotherapist, and channel. Suzanne's spiritual journey is described in length on her website...

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