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Perspective Reboot with Kristi Borst!: We are Each Important Pieces in the Puzzle of Life with guest Fran Caproon, Intuitive Communicator and Awesomism Certified Practitioner Perspective Reboot&174; with Kristi Borst. Will you heed the gentle call for societal change? Kristi provided a chakra

  05/06/2014  09:00 am PDT

Many people are labeled as having a "disability" when they cannot fully engage in the "3D Game" school, job, home, family, stress, etc.. Yet, for me, intentionally releasing many of the boundaries and parameters of the 3D Game, has brought a stronger connection to my Higher Self, greater joy, and a life filled with miracles. Majority may rule; but majority is not always most closely in counsel with the Divine. I can easily understand the importance YES IMPORTANCE to the rest of us, collectively, of our family members, friends and associates who are unable to fully engage in the 3D Game due to Autism, sensitivities, "spectrum variations" and other "disabilities". Gifted intuitive communicator, Fran Caproon who works with non-verbal children and adults will be joining me . Fran shares "I feel these dear hearts are here to assist humanity 'us' to embody the change into one of caring with more love-based choices..." You may never use the word "disabilities" again At the bottom of the hour, Kristi offered an abbreviated intuitive energy healing or chakra clearing session and worked with a caller named Jill, dealing with pain from family dynamics.


Kristi Borst

Tune-in every Tuesday at 9am PT12 Noon ETPerspective RebootTM with Kristi Borst provides an hour of WISDOM, HEALING and EMPOWERMENT. Kristi is a gifted Intuitive Energy Heal...

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Kristi Borst

Kristi Borst spent about 30 years of her adult life pursuing her artistic and writing passions as a self-employed graphic artist and marketing maven. In early 2010, seemingl...

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