Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler: Awakening Your "Dream-Maker-Happener" Spirit with Donna Haese

  08/16/2016  04:00 pm PST

Welcome to Party Central!!


"We can party on the positive side, and PUMP the positive vibes...so come along for the ride!"-Marky Mark


It's the official launch party for Positivity Party Radio, and YOU my friend are invited.


In today's show we'll be partying with Donna Haese!


Donna never felt like she fit in with her family. She suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem as a child. Diagnosed with an auto immune disease by age 14, married to a man who never really loved her at 23, it seemed her life was headed down a dark path with no return. But this was only the beginning to a beautiful awakening. Donna had big dreams and a belief there was more to life, more for her. Does her story resonate?


Join us to hear how Donna turned her life around to marry her Soul Mate, become a Wisconsin Artist, strong Mother and courageous dream-maker-happener. This promises to be an inspiring hour!


Positivity Party Radio promises to deliver more than positivity to lift your spirit and brighten your mood. Take a break from the daily grind to visit with special guests, hear positive messages and learn tips to clear your intuition, embrace your spiritual gifts and so much more!


This week's Big Dream Superhero: Donna Haese, Intuitive Artist


Donna once walked a dark path where she felt isolated and undervalued. By Divine intervention, Donna has been guided to live an inspired life, finding her soul mate, connecting more deeply with her children and expressing her intuition through her beautiful artwork. She has stepped out in the world as the gifted sensitive she was meant to be. Join us to journey through her awakening and learn Donna's life lessons and tips so you can do it to.






Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler - Tuesdays 4pm pacific/ 7pm eastern Positivity Party Radio, hosted by Nicole Isler, was created to help you celebrate your life an...

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 Donna Haese

Donna Haese

Donna once walked a dark path where she felt isolated and undervalued. By Divine intervention and listening to her intuition, Donna has been guided to live an inspired life....

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