Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler: Farewell to What Was & Hello to What Will Be

  12/20/2016  04:00 pm PST

Get your party hat on and buckle up! We are traveling through time.


That’s right, this episode we’re shining a HUGE spotlight on your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE experiences.


Why? To find all the GIFTS, TREASURES and MAGICAL lessons to help you move into 2017 with joy and live in your happy place!


PAST: Are areas of your past feeling useless, full of trivial to giant disappointments?


*You can move forward without holding onto past pain and get where you want in life REGARDLESS of the adversities you have experienced!


PRESENT: Does it feel impossible some days to act on your dream while trying to cope with life’s stressors?


*You can SHIFT to relieve stress in the moment and get yourself refocused for SUCCESS!


FUTURE: Wonder where your life is headed?


*You are in charge of your direction and there are things you can do to gain TRACTION on the things you really want.


To join The Only 2017 Planning Party for Highly Sensitive People on December 22, 2016: http://bit.ly/2017PlanningPartyforHSP


For additional support - join my Facebook community: The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People http://bit.ly/TheHappyPlaceforHSP


Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler - Tuesdays 4pm pacific/ 7pm eastern Positivity Party Radio, hosted by Nicole Isler, was created to help you celebrate your life an...

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