Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler: Highly Sensitive People Are Highly Valuable

  01/17/2017  04:00 pm PDT

Have you been told you're "too sensitive"?




And yet many Highly Sensitive People (HSP) have been made to feel their sensitivity is a flaw.


They hear things like…

“You’re too sensitive”
“Don’t be so emotional”
“Don’t take things so personal”


Does any of this remind you of yourself — or someone close to you? If so, you’re not crazy or weak or “too sensitive.” You are not broken and there is nothing wrong with you.


You are a sensitive soul.


We sensitive types live in a world of people who don’t necessarily understand or appreciate our strong feelings. They just don’t get it.


When you are told “don’t be so sensitive”, it eats away at your self-esteem, you start to feel abnormal. Self-doubt sets in and you take a step back from living the life you truly want.


Not sure if you're HSP? Tune in for a quick quiz and find out.


This show offers a positive perspective on being HSP and what you can do to live empowered, feel proud to be sensitive and ultimately live in your happy place.


Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler - Tuesdays 4pm pacific/ 7pm eastern Positivity Party Radio, hosted by Nicole Isler, was created to help you celebrate your life an...

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