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Psychic Cup of Coffee with Host Kelle Sutliff: What Happens to Someones Soul When They Commit SuicideA Mediums Opinion

  09/23/2014  01:00 pm PDT

With all the recent publicity on suicide prevention and awareness, listen to what Kelle's opinions are on what happens to the souls whom leave this earth on the own choice. It will be a program featuring a lot of love and interesting perspective on what Kelle has been told in her practice by spirit for the last fourteen years.


Kelle Sutliff

Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff - Tuesdays 1pm pt 4pm et

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Kelle Sutliff

Kelle Sutliff is a gifted Psychic Medium who has worked in her industry for over fourteen years. She uses her work to show people that the psychic world is very real and off...

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