Psychic Love Doctor Show with Deborah Leigh and Intuitive Co-host Daryl: Encore: Our Most Important Relationships: How does he or she really feel? Understanding the emotions of those in our lives

  11/27/2015  02:00 pm PDT

Some relationships naturally progress like a smooth ribbon of silk. They are wonderful, love-filled and beautiful. Other relationships tend to take a rough and rocky road requiring great effort in order to achieve unity and lasting happiness. 

During the course of these challenging relationships, we find ourselves confronting questions like: Is he really in love with me? Is she as committed as she says she is? Will he/she end the marriage to be with me? Will there ever be love for me if I leave this marriage? 

Intuitively knowing how a partner truly feels intuitively from the core level gives you leverage. That sense of 'knowing' makes it possible for you to make the best possible choices for yourself where the future is concerned. 

Bottom line, it enables you to seize your own power in terms of that relationship. It also enables a new future to come to you if feel trapped in a loveless relationship. There are so many empowering options available, if you are! 

Personal Prophesy readings are extremely accurate when it comes to emotions. We will explore during this show the various aspects on the intuitive level on how relationships can thrive and survive emotionally. And how to attract new love into your life! 


Deborah Leigh

Deborah Leigh

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