Psychic Love Doctor Show with Deborah Leigh and Intuitive Co-host Daryl: Encore: Prophesy Card Readings and Messages from Our Spirit People with Patti Somers, Special Guest

  12/10/2015  11:00 am PDT

Join us for live Prophesy card readings and a discussion with special guest, Patti Somers - evidential medium - who will share with you messages from your spirit people. It's sure to be an enlightening and empowering show!


Deborah Leigh

Deborah Leigh

Fridays 2pm pacific / 5pm eastern! The Psychic Love Doctor is in! Tune-in to the hit show, Psychic Love Doctor with host Deborah Leigh and intuitive Co-host Daryl. Since 19...

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 Patti  Somers

Patti Somers

Patti Somers is the highly revered evidential medium at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach, VA.She is gifted in being able to communicate with those who have passed from...

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