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Psychic Professor's Show with Dr. Susan Barnes - The Voices of Spirit Radio: Bio-Intrinsic Energy Healing and Live Healing Demonstration with Edd Edwards

  07/28/2017  02:00 pm PST

Growing up in rural Georgia, Edd Edwards spent his childhood experimenting on his own with an energy field that he could sense and modulate. In this two-part presentation, Edd will share his personal experiences as an energy healer who has participated in 26 years of clinical studies conducted on his abilities at institutions such as the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina and the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies.

During the second half of this session, Edd will perform a live healing demonstration with the audience, sending energy he says most participants will be able to feel and sense in their bodies. Questions will be welcomed from as Edd demonstrates his healing technique.



Dr. Susan Barnes

Now Every Friday at 2pm pt / 5pm et /10pm uk - Psychic Professor's Show with Dr. Susan Barnes - The Voices of Spirit Radio.Psychic Professor is a program that will answer an...

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Edd Edwards

Edd Edwards is an energetic medicine specialist and a leader in the field of Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy. To date, Edd is the most studied human in the field of Bio-Electr...

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