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Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: Psychic World with John G. Sutton: Alien Visitations with Co-Host Countess Starella

  02/05/2014  08:00 pm PDT

This week Psychic World asks are we, citizens of planet Earth, being visited by Alien Beings? Join one of Britain's top psychic mediums: John G. Sutton and his wonderful co-host Countess Starella as they will be discussing the idea that beings from beyond our Earth are visiting and possibly interacting with us. John has himself been witnessing UFO sightings since he was a boy in the year 1957 when his father stopped the car they were traveling in and pointed out strange lights moving in the sky above a hill in the county of Lancashire UK. John's father advised he must never speak of what he had seen, no doubt because as a serving Police Officer he did not want to risk the ridicule. Countess Starella has seen many inexplicable flying objects in the skies around the world and once saw a huge UFO in the city of Moscow in Russia. John believes that Aliens have been visiting and interacting with human beings since time began. You can call and discuss this subject or ask your personal questions to either John G. Sutton or Countess Starella.


John G. Sutton

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Countess Starella

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