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Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: Psychic World with John G. Sutton: Love dreams of love come true? Co-host Countess Starella joins John

  02/12/2014  08:00 pm PDT

One of Britain's top psychic mediums John G. Sutton along with the amazing Countess Starella will be looking into the spiritual truth behind this concept. To dream of being in love with someone you know is a clear sign that you subconsciously yearn for romance. If you dream of being in love with a friend it can mean that this interpersonal relationship is strong and mutual trust and respect exists in abundance. However if you dream of being in love with a close relative, such as a brother or sister, the omens are far less positive as such a dream foretells the forthcoming fermentation of close kin complexities and conflict. Not all people are able to recall with any degree of clarity their dreams but for those that can the messages within may help to open a door to enhanced understanding of the mystery of life and what lies beyond. John G. Sutton and his astounding co-host Countess Starella invite you to make that call and ask your Love Dream question or whatever else you would like to ask.


John G. Sutton

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Countess Starella

Countess Nadia Starella is an interfaith spiritual advisor and counselor who has been helping people discover depth and harmony in their lives for many years.A New Orleans n...

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