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Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: Psychic World with John G. Sutton: SPIRITUAL MUSIC - Can Spirits Compose or Perhaps Inspire Songs? Co-host Countess Starella

  02/19/2014  08:00 pm PDT

One of Great Britain's most respected psychic mediums John G. Sutton with his co-host the amazing Countess Starella will be examining the hypothesis that discarnate entities write songs through gifted psychic mediums who act as a channel. Historically the classical music composer Mozart composed his first full orchestral symphony at the age of nine years, he was an incredible musical prodigy. It was not simply that Mozart created music, he composed in a completely new style of contrapuntal complexity that before him had never been heard. There is a theory that Mozart suffered from what we now term Tourettes Syndrome and he was known to have a scatological sense of humour. So prodigious was his output of music that it took many years to actually catalogue his work following his early death at the age of 35. John G. Sutton suggests that Mozart's astounding ability was not learnt a step at a time, as evidence shows he was teaching his teachers by the age of just 7 years. John's hypothesis is that Mozart was a channel through which the spirits composed music. You are invited to call in and discuss this theory and/or your own personal problems with John G. Sutton and his special guest Countess Starella.


John G. Sutton

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Countess Starella

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