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Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: Psychic World with John G. Sutton and his Co-Host Countess Starella: Creative Powers and Gifts. We are all born with them - learn how they can be developed.

  03/12/2014  08:00 pm PDT

John G. Sutton and his co-host the incredible Countess Starella will be looking at how people with creative powers can use these to their best effect. John is himself an internationally published author and poet, Countess Starella is a trained Jazz and Blues singer, they will be telling you how they tuned in to their own creative energies to achieve success. John says: People have personal powers, gifts that they are born with that really can be developed and used to bring happiness and achievement, you can do it if you try. The Countess believes that each one of us has something very special to bring to this world and all can discover their individual powers if they just dare to dream. You are invited to call in and discuss your hopes, aims and ambitions with John and The Countess, ask your questions and discover the truth that is seen by their amazing psychic insights. You really can make that call.


John G. Sutton

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Countess Starella

Countess Nadia Starella is an interfaith spiritual advisor and counselor who has been helping people discover depth and harmony in their lives for many years.A New Orleans n...

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