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Reclaiming Your Fearless Nature with Annette Bingham: Healing Power of Music.

  01/11/2011  02:00 pm PDT

Music is the heart and it mirrors our life. It gives meaning when there is none. It gives hope when reason has faltered. It is a reminder that there is something to behold, beyond our comprehension that loves us immensely and has never left us. In truth, there is nothing in this universe that is without vibration and there is nothing in existence that is not in caught in the throes of harmonious rapture. When we stop and listen, a sound tying us all together will be heard; and how can it not be heard? It is the breath of Creation, it is the sound of wings, of the harmony between lovers, it is the smile of a stranger, the smoke and warmth emanating from fire, the pattern in traffic, in a crowded mall, the wind in the trees, water over stone, the bridge between worlds. It is Love in action, making Itself known and calling every Part to chorus.


Annette Bingham

Annette Bingham has been a gifted Holistic Wellness Practitioner for over 10 years. She began her journey working with people and animals as a Reiki Practitioner and went on...

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Daniel Katsuk

Daniel Katsk is a multi-instrumentalist, voice actor, musical therapist, writer, producer, promoter and healer currently based out of Ft. Worth, TX. He has toured throughout...

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