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Rewired Life™ Radio with Audrey Michel. Learn to Love. Heal. Celebrate.: Introducing the Rewired Emotions Series

  10/25/2017  12:00 pm PDT

Rewired Life™ Radio is all about empowering women to heal by teaching you to love your self, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life. Over the last few months we've been digging into Neuroplastic Pathways and discussing different ways to break negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns. 


Essential Oils have long been used to work with the body to address issues and root causes at a cellular level, and on an emotional level. Join me in discussing how to use Essential Oils as a NeuroTool to enhance your ability to rewire your emotions.


This week on Rewired Life™ Radio, Essential Oil educator and lifestyle expert, Carrie Socia joins us in discussing the trend to use Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness.


Audrey Michel

Rewired Life™ Radio. Learn to Love. Heal. Celebrate.Your Host Audrey Michel Every Wednesday at Noon pacific / 3pm eastern Rewired Life™ Radio is all about learn...

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Carrie Socia

Carrie Socia is a Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Essential Oil Educator living in Denver. She is mama to two beautiful children, married to an amazing man and loves her husky ...

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