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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!: Recipe for Fat Free Samosa with Empowerment Artist Smrita Jain

  04/25/2016  09:00 am PDT

Smrita Jain discusses her forthcoming book Fat Free Samosa which chronicles her comical way of dealing with the good, the bad and all the fat! Using photography, graffiti style typography and her straightforward, charming sense of humor, Smrita highlights the fat and grime we're breeding inside our bodies. But she's not talking about how we look. Her philosophy is that being physically thin doesn't make you a perfect person. It is the fat, in the mind, that's usually hurting us, the small talks, discouragement, narrow mindedness, racism, sexism, habitual lying and many other issues that people tend to avoid discussing. Smrita takes these topics head on, tastefully and comically transforming a broad range of uncomfortable emotions and reactions into a positive outlook on her personal relationships with fat. we just didn't know how.

Episode giveaways:

  • Giveaway 1: hand printed silk screened 3d posters designed and printed by Smrita
  • Giveaway 2: 50% off the Fat Free Samosa book pre-order with promo code: SHINEON
  • Giveaway 3: Free Surmrit Gallery tote bag from the gallery's gift shop


Kelly Anne Wadler

Kelly Anne Wadler

Shine On Radio – Find Your Shine! with Kelly is the show that celebrates what makes you, YOU! Join Kelly Wadler as she breaks down how to brilliantly fuel your body, l...

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 Smrita Jain

Smrita Jain

Smrita Jain is an eclectic graphic designer working at The Aquario Group in New York City. She is also the lead artist at Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design based in New Jers...

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