Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs - The Goddess Emergence: Joyce Mason: Astrologer and Metaphysical Mystery Writer

  10/04/2016  03:00 pm PDT

Joyce is an astrologer known worldwide for her ebooks and especially her blog, The Radiical Virgo.  She's also started a mystery novel series with a female astrologer whose boyfriend is an ex-FBI agent. Her trademark--delivering depth insights with humor--crosses genres. mystery meets metaphysics, Imagine the possibilities!

Episode giveaways: 2 e-book copies (PDF, kindle or nook format) of The Crystal Ball,#1 in the Micki Michaels metaphysical mystery series , 2 e-book copies of Chiron and Wholeness: A primer This is an introduction to the centaur planet you have disowned for one reason or another--and how to reclaim them to become all you can be , Grand Prize: paperback copy of The Crystal Ball signed by the author


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Stephanie Sills

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