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Sisters Talk Radio with Mona and Savitri: Vastu, The Origins of Feng Shui

  06/14/2013  02:00 pm PDT

Feng Shui is widely known as the Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in the environment in order to achieve energy, harmony, and balance. Vastu is a more ancient system of arrangement, harmony and balance that is more thorough and effective than Feng Shui in its application. Mona and Savitri interview Grace DeLuz, a Vastu consultant. Find out how Vastu can create a more harmonious and abundant environment for you to work and live in


Savitri Alive Shine Center

Savitri, renowned Meditation Master, began as a 25 year old house-wife, praying for truth and understanding for the shocking events of her life. When she was 11 she had a se...

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Mona Renner

Awaken the feminine power that glows in your heart There are just certain heart to heart conversations you can only have with your "sisters" - the conversations you crave wh...

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Grace DeLuz

Grace DeLuz is a Vastu consultant and a Software Engineer. She has degrees in Vastu, Computer Science from Brazil, Business Economics from Italy, Computer Science applied to...

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Debbie Pokornik