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Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams - Living YOUR Joyful Life!: Dialing Up Your Intuition via Astrology with Valerie Shinn

  10/03/2017  11:00 am PDT

Many of us have heard the expression 'trust your gut!'
What does that mean, and why is it important to help us lead a joyful life?

Intuition is a major part of our thought process. It's the connection to our sub-conscious mind that allows us to tap into the wisdom of our soul. Intuition is perhaps our best source of both creativity and wisdom, as it's our inner guidance system.

How can you dial up your intuition and tune into it more closely? 
Listening to your gut, paying attention to your intuition and acting on it decisively are skills that can be enhanced.

In the first half of the program, we'll discuss how a skilled interpretation of your birth (or natal) chart of where the planets were at the exact time and place of your birth can be so helpful, due to their impact on your life experiences. 

An intuitive astrology reading, like a formal Past-Life Regression, can provide actionable information to help you trust and act on your soul's wisdom.

Episode giveaways: Complimentary 3-month transit report for a caller.


Wendy Rose Williams MBA

Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams: Living YOUR Joyful Life!Tune into the wisdom of your soul for guidance on Living YOUR Joyful Life! On Soul Wisdom Radio, Wendy Ro...

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Valerie Shinn

Valerie was born and raised in the Seattle area. She has always been analytical, athletic and artistic, but never thought of herself as intuitive until her coursework at the...

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