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Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams - Living YOUR Joyful Life!: Dialing Up Your Intuition via Numerology with Deborah Stelfox

  10/03/2017  11:30 am PDT

We'll continue our discussion of how to PERCEIVE your intuition and to ACT on it more decisively, with examples of how numerology can assist you in this area.

Guest Deborah Stelfox is a spiritual numerologist who specializes in helping others understand their karma. Karma exists to point out our soul-level lessons, not to punish us (a common misconception). Deborah can also speak to the antidotes to our unique karma to help us cut old ties that no longer serve us, allowing us to raise our vibration.

Callers are welcome to call in for a mini-numerology reading - please provide your first name and full date of birth (day/ month/ year).
If your question involves compatiblity with another person, please also provide their full date of birth (name not necessary).

Episode giveaways: 20 minute free numerology reading by phone (if a US caller) OR a basic chart if overseas caller - need name goes by as well as full birthdate - month/ day/ year.


Wendy Rose Williams MBA

Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams: Living YOUR Joyful Life!Tune into the wisdom of your soul for guidance on Living YOUR Joyful Life! On Soul Wisdom Radio, Wendy Ro...

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Deborah Stelfox

Deborah Stelfox is a numerologist, certified intuitive career coach, love/ relationship coach and owner of The Divine Matchmaker, a Transcendental Meditation teacher, ordain...

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