Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams - Living YOUR Joyful Life!: Discovering Your Life Purpose and Soul Mission

  12/05/2017  11:00 am PDT

Who's ready to dial into your life purpose and larger soul mission?
Learn how equating your current job title with your life purpose can be a trap.

Tapping into your life purpose and soul mission may be easier than you think!
Learn how this vital knowledge can increase your happiness and joy in life, as well as address any anxiety or depression. 

Mark your calendars now to call in LIVE to speak with spiritual teachers/ past-life specialists Wendy Rose Williams and her guest Karen Downing at 1.800.930.2819.

Episode giveaways: Take the free Past Life Personality Patterns Quiz at http.//


Wendy Rose Williams MBA

Soul Wisdom Radio with Wendy Rose Williams: Living YOUR Joyful Life!Tune into the wisdom of your soul for guidance on Living YOUR Joyful Life! On Soul Wisdom Radio, Wendy Ro...

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Karen Downing

Karen Downing is a Soul Mission facilitator, past life specialist, and spiritual teacher. Karen’s focus is to assist others to discover and live their soul mission. Ta...

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