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Spirit Fire Radio: Acres of Awareness: Community Supported Agriculture

  05/11/2016  09:00 am PDT

You are what you eat, right? One way we offer the guests at our meditative retreat center an enlightening experience is by serving them food that has been grown with awareness, care, and amazing intention. Another way is... we simply send them outside! Nature has a way of delivering goodness straight to the soul.


This week's show will reveal many of nature's intimate secrets! We'll be chatting with two of the happiest... and hardest working people we know. We're celebrating some more Living Awareness with Laura Timmerman and Rob Creamer of Sweet Morning Farm. They supply our retreat center with fresh organic vegetables every Thursday... and for the following three days we supply our guests with delicious meals and delightful smiles! 

How do they do it? What is a CSA? What does mother nature tell them and what do they tell her?  They've promised to reveal a few secrets and share their experience as two individuals who  spend the greater part of their day in the great outdoors and the great part of their year making others extremely happy and healthy!


Steve Kramer

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Laura Timmerman and Rob Creamer

Proprieters of Sweet Morning Farm in Leyden, Massachusetts. Their farm is a labor of love by a mother and son who delight in growing responsible food, enjoying the incr...

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