Spirit Fire Radio: Cultivate Consciousness in Everyday Life with Hosts Steve Kramer & Dorothy Riddle: Asana and the beauty of all-inclusive alignment with Martha Henry-MacDonald, PT.

This week we will expand the meaning of asana as posturing of the physical body to include the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Whether proper alignment is in our posture, our relationships, our outlook on life, or our state of consciousness, it leads us to a fuller life experience. Martha Henry-Macdonald, P.T. joins us. She seamlessly blends Energy Medicine with her practice as a Manual, Visceral, Crania-Sacral, and Physical therapist to assist her clients in maintaining alignment on every level. Did we mention that she is a meditation teacher as well?

How do we achieve a high-vibrational state of well-being in every day life? Proper asana!
Align with us this week!


Steve Kramer

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Martha Henry-MacDonald

Bridging heart, mind and science, Martha integrates her extensive skills in Manual, Visceral, Neuro-Meningeal, Cranio-Sacral, Physical Therapy, Subtle Energy Medicine, and E...

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