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Spirit Fire Radio: Battleground States

  03/09/2016  09:00 am PDT

This is a play on words during our rather tumultuous election season... or is it? We're actually talking about states of mind and emotional states, and the battleground is often created by an overzealous personality. Who or what is the personality battling with? Well, anything and everything until it comes into alignment with the soul. Anytime a decision, motivation, or intention is selfish at its core, there will be a contraction, repulse, or reaction surrounding it; when it is altruistic in nature, then goodness and creativity follow. These battlegrounds are purposeful... we learn lessons, we grow, we become wiser. Wisdom is of the heart, intellect is of the mind. 

This week the Practice of Living Awareness meditates on Heart-Mind. Most of us think first, then we feel. Tapping into our feeling nature as we make choices or as we respond to situations can add a whole new dimension to daily life. Heart-Mind states help us to assess whether a choice or response includes the greater good, or not. Living from the heart provides a certain freedom - freedom from a life on the battlefield! 


Steve Kramer

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Sara Traub

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