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Spirit Fire Radio: Cycles, Constancy, and Abundance: The Flow of the Breath

  06/22/2016  09:00 am PDT

Life is in motion, constant motion. Is there a flow to your moment to moment experience? Are you flowing with life's persistent current or fighting it? By simply noticing the gentle flow of the breath in meditation, we can begin to entrain ourselves to its natural rhythm. Rhythm stabilizes the emotions and steadies the mind. Soon, flow begins to permeate our awareness and the omnipresent cycles of life become apparent: day to night to day again, season to season and year to year, the rise and fall of waves, the migration of animals. All things come and go, not unlike the breath.


We though it would be fun to think outside of the box for this week's show. Flow... we thought, where do we encounter flow in an interesting way? Social media! Talk about constant, ceaseless, neverending flow! Our forefinger has become the metronome to the visual song on our smartphones as we scroll Instagram and peruse our Facebook feed. Our attention peaks, or attention falls. Our attention peaks again. And who within social media observes the ebb and flow of popular culture, or better yet, who influences it? Public relation specialists! We love the word relation!


So we contacted Beth Berdofe-White. She's heads PR for Straight Arrow, Inc., the makers of Mane n’’Tail. We love their products, we love that they are a family run business, and we love Beth. We’re gonna chat about social media and what it takes to keep the public’s attention on their company’s product. We sense it will have a lot in common with keeping one’s attention on the body’s best-seller, the breath.


Beth got her start in NYC with Allure Magazine, then Barneys New York. She became PR Director at Philosophy Cosmetics, and on to Global PR Director of Straight Arrow. Beth brought her experience, media savvy, expertise and her long-standing relationships with the media to help create a buzz to all the different audiences that Straight Arrow markets to. She has a passion for bringing knowledge and brand awareness to all media outlets.


Beth Berdofe White lives in Bethlehem, PA. She loves the little town and is also passionate about her kitty boys, listening to music, helping others, her family and dear friends, the practice of living awareness and still has her pulse on the fashion industry (when need be)!


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Beth Berdofe-White

Beth Berdofe White is the Director of Public Relations for Straight Arrow Products, Inc, the makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, and much, muc...

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